We have (4) Live Cameras!


1. Search and download "HIK Connect", install and open on your smart phone
2. Select your country
3. Register with your email address
4. Under "My Device" while in Hik-Connect tap the long code that starts with "LV" to view
** MUST ask store manager to add your email address to have full access! **

New daycare add-ons.... Brushing/ one way FaceTime calls/ private play. Ask our staff for more information. 📱
LDC (Little dog club) holding it down at BB
People watching ...
Help.... I’ve fallen and I can’t get to my kitty litter.
Do you feel like this today? #rainydays #mondaysbelike #beachbudslb #doggydaycare #longbeachnynotcalifornia
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What a beauty! Eric enjoyed his AM walk with us #beachbudslb #longbeachny
Agility training @beachbudsddc